June 8, 2017

Acoustic Solutions

Snowsound acoustic performance takes shape in projects by great designers. Many shapes and colours are designed to be a visible and distinctive part of the project and to discreetly integrate into the spaces. Resolving acoustic problems, from the simplest to the most complex, with a complete range of products based on a totally innovative approach.

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Flap is a two-sided panel of a variable and lightweight surface, and can be made up of several modules, which can be located in the space according to the changing needs of contemporary lifestyles. Not so much a partition wall, but an aerial wall-mounted or ceiling mounted structure that affords the end user the utmost creative and expressive freedom.


Mitesco is light, colourful and sufficiently basic to be used even to personalise the surrounding area, as it can be fully inserted in a contemporary context. It can be hung and supported on a stand: it is practical and inexpensive.


Snowsound In panels, measuring 59 x 59 cm or 59 x 119 cm, can be inserted in suspended ceilings with profiles and supports that can hold their weight. The panels come with the CE mark according to the harmonised technical specification EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling.


The Oversize system is characterised by the large size of the sound- absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology that can be located on the wall, ceiling or on a desk.

Pli Oversize

Pli Oversize is a sound-absorbing Snowsound panel, held up by a steel frame, which can also be used as a partition to divide space. Several panels can be connected together by a strap, fitted with steel buttons and buttonholes, which wrap around the panel and create linear, “T”, “L” or “X” formations.


Blade is a modular shelving system whose back panel is consisting of sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology. The slim shelves create a visually light and minimalist overall image. The shelves are entirely made in epoxy powder-coated steel: a wall- mounted load-bearing core and a very thin external lining (support surface).


Pli is a sound-absorbing partition wall, made up of Snowsound panels joined with elastic bands available in three finishes. The bands embrace the panel and are furnished with steel buttons and O-rings that create linear “T”, “L” or “X” configurations. Pli offers a large variety of colours for the panels and the fabric bands, to mix and match. The Pli system can be furnished with a chromed steel supporting base.

Pli Desk

Pli sound-absorbing panels can be also used as desk top partitions, thereby ensuring acoustic comfort, privacy and ultimate freedom of configuration thanks to the elastic straps that hold the panels together to create linear, “T”, “L” or “X” formations.


Corner system, which uses Snowsound technology panels, is an ideal way to divide up work surfaces by creating a visual barrier while also optimising acoustic comfort. A compact size, together with a robust construction, are the strengths of the mounting hardware that make it possible to apply Snowsound panels to the desk using clamps or directly to the desk with screws.


Snowfront system, which uses panels made with Snowsound technology, is an ideal way to divide up work surfaces by creating a visual barrier while also optimising acoustic comfort. Snowfront allows the panels to be positioned on the work surface using metal clamps at the desired height.


A name and a function: a cascade of ceiling panels suspended from fine cables, magically anchored to the tops of the panels. Baffle creates a powerful sound-absorbing barrier in an outwardly random, delightful architecture. The design is reminiscent of the classic image of laundry hanging on lines between Italian houses.


Two parallel cables make up the structural track in a composition of panels that creates an effective sound absorbing system, one element in improving the sound quality of the space. The ability to freely locate the panels along the cables makes it possible to construct dramatic backdrops.


Corista is a product for sound modulation, initially designed for a specialised user group: recording and mixing studios, home recording, theatres or venues where musical performances can be improvised. It was later discovered that it could also be located beautifully in other areas – meeting rooms, home theatre, conference and seminar rooms.

Diesis and Bemolle

Diesis and Bemolle are sound-absorbing elements with steel base and drapes based on Snowsound-Fiber technology. These pieces feature steel frames at the top that create the sound-absorbing drape, thus assuming precise rays and layers, designed to optimise acoustic performance.


Sipario sound-absorbing system is made of modular panels with steel frame and washable, removable covering, made with Snowsound-Fiber technology applied with Velcro to the structure.


Palio sound-absorbing system is consisting of removable, washable panels, made with Snowsound-Fiber technology, and a metal frame. Chromed metal clamps are equipped with special clamps that give the structure elasticity while also making it possible to adjust the distance from the wall and the overlapping of the panels, to regulate the sound-absorption level of every configuration, adapting it to a variety of needs.


Cocker is a comfortable phone booth composed by an internal padding in sound-absorbing polyester foam covered in Trevira CS® polyester which is completely removable. It also features an independent load-bearing frame in tubular chromed steel. The soft, moveable sides have been specifically designed to move freely if accidentally bumped.


Snowall is made up of polyester felt paired with a polyester Trevira CS® material using a unique application system. The felt lining and the absence of space between the two materials significantly reduces its propensity to attract dust, pollen and insects. Snowall has Euroclass B-s2, d0 classification as to reaction to fire.