March 17, 2017

Office Furniture

Office furniture has been designed to ensure neat and orderly working environments.

Office Chair

An integral part of every work place, but more often than not overlooked, the office chair provide the support needed for a more comfortable and conducive working environment. With the right chair, it is possible for the user to experience improvements in their overall posture resulting in a reduction in backaches. Features and options include: adjustability to seat height, seat depth, seat inclination, inclination tension, fixed or adjustable arms, headrest, etc.

Office System Panel

System panels enable the users to have a more private workspace. This will help prevent distractions and thus provides the user with possible higher concentration levels. System panels can also enable increased storage as overhead cabinets can be integrated with the system panels. System panels are more often used in offices where solitary work or privacy is required such as accounting and human resource.

Office Open Desking

A different concept from having a workspace with office system panels, open desking promoted integration amongst coworkers to foster a more creative and open work environment. Office Open Desking is best suited for the marketing and sales department where there is often communication between colleagues.


Uninterrupted thinking time is a scarce resource in todays fast pace world of business. Executive systems allow senior management team members more space for reflection and strategic thinking in the privacy of their personal realm. Our range of executive systems help those in higher management take back these precious moments and keep their companies running at their best.

Office Meeting Tables

A Meeting or conference table is a staple in any corporate workplace. The large surface area allows groups of people to gather to make important company decisions, brainstorm or discuss day-to-day activities in the running of the company. Our range of Meeting tables provide users with functional capabilities of telephone systems, video/screen projection and power supply, seamlessly maintaining an unobtrusive aesthetic that blends into the table’s surface area.

Office Storage

Our Storage and shelving solutions are made to help your workplace get more organised, whilst ensuring confidential documents are stored securely. Despite majority of corporate filing systems are moving to the digital space, physical Storage units are a necessity in any corporate working environment to ensure physical copies of important documents are readily available in the event of any technical difficulties.